Fuck Yes Reuben!

Fuck Yes Reuben!

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Personally my favourite Reuben album is ‘Racecar is Racecar Backwards’. What do you guys think?

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‘Guitarist and songwriter’ that’s what I thought I was, I never had no dreams of being a waiter. But these here helmet rip-offs they don’t buy my lunch so I will get a real job in the office…

And i won’t bother to make my music, and i won’t bother to sing my songs, and i won’t bother to get excited, and i won’t bother to get her off…

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Reuben fans!


So basically Mindless Self Indulgence have made a kickstarter project in order to raise money to release a new album without going through a record company, which is a brilliant idea because the fans raise the money.

I was thinking with the number of people willing to pay money for a new Reuben album it may be a possibility?

I mean obviously the band have to be willing to do it. I don’t know, just wishful thinking I guess.